Status – 11/26/10

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We had to put our little boy kitten down.  His name was Eros and he was the sweetest, most lovable kitty ever.  He was about 6 months old.  His left lung was totally shut down and his right lung was operating at about 15% capacity.  The vet said that it was probably FIP, in which case he had 0% chance to live.  It may have been a fungal infection, in which case he had about an optimistic 10% chance to live.  If it was a normal infection (that was just resistant to all the antibiotics that we’d given him so far), there was a 20% chance to live.  It would have taken at least 6 months to get him out of danger and he would never be a healthy cat because of the scarring to his lungs… and that’s if he beat the odds and survived.

This kitty had already been in the ER twice for respiratory problems before we adopted him but they told us that he was healthy and had no problems.  But our vet says that this history of respiratory issues increased the chance of this being FIP and the boy having no chance to make it.

It just seems so unfair that a sweet baby like that never had a chance to live.  He was already weak when we got him and couldn’t make the jumps that you expect kittens his age to be able to make.  The only thing he ever wanted to do was snuggle.

After we put him down, we had to come back and have dinner at our house with my wife’s youngest sister’s family (14 people.)  That helped take our mind off of it but after that, I really didn’t have the energy to write.


One Response to “Status – 11/26/10”

  1. I am so sorry for your kitten’s distress and for your sorrow and grief at his death. It was rotten all around, but you do have the (maybe too small) comfort of knowing that you did all that you could. 😦 TX

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