The Queen of Balthazar – 11/24/10

3006 words.  Several scenes.

Basically, the Captain realizes that he’s been left alone by the prisoners and that they’ve somehow escaped.  He goes to open the hatches for the Imperials hoping that this will get him in their good graces when he trips a booby trap and there’s an explosion.  The Bodyguard and a few of the guys that are on the rearguard of the escape realize basically what happened but the Bodyguard feels responsible and decides to go get the Captain.  The General and the Colonel order their guys to go in through holes blown in the walls of the prison instead of through the doors and begin their assault.  The Bodyguard and his guys find the Captain and pull him out of the rubble but then the Impies blow their way into the prison.  So The Bodyguard and his guys hole up in an office and when the soldiers come in, claim to be prison guards who were hiding from the prisoners.  They’re taken out of the prison where they are questioned by the Colonel… who then leaves them and they sneak out.

Boy.  I’m tired.  I’m 5112 words away from finishing Nano.  I had planned on spending all of today and Friday writing but I ended up working most of today and I’ll probably have to put in a few hours on Friday (damn you, Microbiology reports!)  AND now some of my wife’s family are going to be showing up for dinner.


One Response to “The Queen of Balthazar – 11/24/10”

  1. Good work. It’s great to see this book hitting the finish line. You deserve the victory. Enjoy the family stuff. :)TX

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