The Queen of Balthazar – 11/21/10

2047 words.  2 scenes.

The prisoner who was useless in the fighting realizes that there are a bunch of prisoners who are just as useless as he is because they don’t have weapons.  And he knows where the weapons are.  He leads a group of prisoners to the armory but right before they get there, the Commandant comes on the intercom and orders his men to surrender.  The prisoners rejoice and the prisoner goes ahead and opens the armory door… and gets gunned down.  The Bodyguard interrogates the Captain.  The Captain gives him all sorts of reasons why they should just give up, all sorts of ways the Imperials can take them out.  And the Bodyguard suggest’s that the Captain negotiate their surrender and the Captain is happy to take him up on that.  On the way out, the Bodyguard asks a question by the Captain’s response, he learns that the Captain betrayed him to the prison guards.

My football team, the Houston Texans, crushed my soul again this week.  My wife and I were both very depressed after watching that game and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to summon up enough spirit to write.  Once I started writing, it was all good.


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