The Queen of Balthazar – 11/18/10

1619 words.

With the alarms blaring, the Bodyguard found the armory and got some weapons.  But then the alarms turned off, apparently the Imperials are rewiring the prison and have had a bunch of issues with the alarms being accidentally set off.  And then he got some guards and took their uniforms.  He sent one guy to take the extra weapons to the main room and had him send back the guy that knew the layout of the prison the best.  Then the Bodyguard went in search of the primary control room dressed in a prison guard’s uniform with blood smeared all over his face as a disguise.  Another guy went to the main cell block with a bunch of weapons and all hell broke loose.

I had a long busy day at work and I haz a tired.  I’ve got a ton of deadlines.  I’m averaging over 1800 words a day on Nano so I’m feeling good about my chances.


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