The Queen of Balthazar – 11/17/10

2951 words.  4 scenes.

The Bodyguard went to the gym and met the Sarge and the Sarge asked the Bodyguard if he wanted to be part of their escape attempt.  The Bodyguard went back to the Captain and told the Captain about it and tried to convince the Captain that instead of trying to stop these guys, they should work with them.  But the Captain wasn’t buying it.  Then the Bodyguard watches as the guards come in and cart off the three guys that he had told the Captain were the ring-leaders.  The Bodyguard goes to the real ringleaders and tells them that they’ve got to move on their plans immediately even though they’re scared and worried.  And the Bodyguard and one of the ringleaders put the plan into motion but when they sneak into a computer substation and turn some things off, the alarms start sounding.

I didn’t write yesterday because I went to dinner with the CEO of my company and came back tired.  I had today off and I got a lot plotted out but less written than I expected.  I’m pretty pleased with how things are going so far, though.  I’ve got to work through this subplot before I go back to the Princess’ main plot.


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