Queen of Balthazar – 11/11/10

2027 words.  One scene + One partial scene.

Scene 1:  The Princess tries to convince her bodyguard that they should turn around and go back to fight the Usurper but her bodyguard teaches her about her family history and how brutal a ruler her father was.  (Think Last King of Scotland.)  He gives her a lesson in politics and in history.

Scene 2:  The Princess goes to the Pirate Council to try to convince them to raid a certain target (she wants to use them as a decoy to draw off defenders from a military target she has to go after.)  But the tables turn and the Pirate Council wants her off the station.

Scene 1 is actually a scene that was left out from earlier in the book.  I started on the second scene without any real plan of what was going to happen (I pantsed it) and I’m liking it so far.


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