Gartan’s Book – 11/7/10

2989 words, 5 different fables.

I decided to write up the Fables that explain where vampirism came from and why vampires have some of the weaknesses that they have.  I’ve been debating about whether to put this in here or not.  The fables explain how it came to be, why it decided to infect human kind with vampirism, how it lost its reflection, why it can’t go out during the day, and why it can’t enter someone’s house without an invitation.  Needless to say, taking a dump on the sun god’s chariot and going into the homes of a bunch of Infernal Lords just aren’t good ideas.

So far, I’m averaging over 2000 words a day for Nano.  I’ve got 3 more scenes to do for this book: 1 fable explaining why vampires are afraid to cross running water, 1 scene that I’ve started but don’t have a really clear idea on finishing, and then finally a scene with the antag going nuts on the servants.  And then I’m done with this book until I do my type-in first thing in December.

Next up is the Princess and her Rebel Fleet.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 11/7/10”

  1. Well done! You could make the manual ancient and let the vampires quote from it from time to time to dribble the information in the story, or just leave it for your own info dump for more stories in the same world. 🙂

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