Gartan’s Book – 11/6/10

2521 words, four scenes.

Scene 1:  The thief, the protag’s son, and the Governor ride on a wagon into the Governor’s keep where the Governor order’s the antag be taken to the Tower and the protag’s dead body be taken to a “healer”.  He said “healer” because he didn’t want to tell the boy that his mother was dead.  The thief and the governor talk about what to do with the boy.

Scene 2:  The protag is floating in a joyous white light that slips away from her and she wakes up in the crypts in the Luruv’s keep.  She’s in pain and hungry and a thousand voices threaten to drive her insane.  She orders them to be quiet, and they obey.  She realizes that the misfired spell caused the vampirism that had infected the others to be drawn into her.  So, she’s now a vampire.  And she’s not happy.

Scene 3:  The antag is sentenced to die.  He’s thrown back into his cell.  An owl flies in.  He tries to shoo it away but it turns into Tuleh.  He thinks it’s an illusion but he also thinks that she’s his way out.  He tries to subdue her and she kicks his ass.  And then he realizes that she’s a vampire and that he’s doomed.

Scene 4:  The thief is at a temple watching the love of his life marry another man.  It breaks his heart but he realizes that he’s just a poor thief with nothing to offer.  On the way out, Tuleh appears in the shadows.  She has a propisition for him.  She wants his help finding the book.  “By the gods,” he says slapping his forehead. “Not the damned book again.”  She laughs.  The end.

So, that’s pretty much it for this book.  I have two scenes I need to go back and write really quickly (one is actually partially writen already).  And I’ve got to figure out if I’m going to write the Fable parts of the book.  I think I am.

And I think my wife is trying to drive me crazy.  She goes to the store to get cat food and returns home with two kittens.  She knows I didn’t want any more cats.  We’ve got 3 fully grown cats (a brother and two sisters) who we’ve had for about 6 years now.  We’ve got an ancient 15 year old cat with special needs that we took on for a friend of ours.  And that was more than I really wanted.  So now she’s gone and gotten two new kittens.  They are absolutely adorable.  But they need a lot of attention and love.  And I’m trying to do Nano.  And it’s football season.  And she’s going out of town for a week.

When we first got cats, she swore that she’d take care of them.  But she travels all the time.  So who takes care of all of them?  Yep.  Me.  Who cleans the litter boxes?  Yep, me.  Who changes the water bowls and feeds them treats?  Who gives them their medicine?  I just really don’t have time for this.


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