Gartan’s Book – 11/5/10

1766 words.  Two scenes.

Scene 1:  The thief fights the antag as the protag casts the spell.  There’s a bright light, a roaring noise, and lots and lots of pain.  When it’s over, the thief is left in darkness.  He hear’s the protag’s son crying for his mother and the thief starts to crawl in that direction.  His eyes see a glowing (it’s the book) and he finds the body of the protag by it.  Then the antag grabs a poker from the fireplace and says he’s going to kill her but the thief fights him off and knocks him out.  And the thief realizes that he’s broken his hand and it’s not healing.  He doesn’t hear the voices in his head.  He’s not a vampire anymore.  The son asks the thief if his mother is OK and the thief closes her eyes and says that they need to get her to a healer.

Scene 2:  The thief takes the son to the healer (they’ve already dropped off the protag’s body off at the Keep with the governor and the antag [I’m not sure if I should show that as a scene]) but the thief thinks that the son should be with someone of the protag’s nationality.  The thief tells the healer that the protag is dead and the healer tells the thief that his mother is dead.  Much crying.  Much wondering if all this was worth it.


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