Gartan’s Book – 11/3/10

2009 words.

The Thief wakes up as the sun sets.  He thinks about hunting but then realizes that his mother, who he had given a bunch of money to so that she could go to the doctor, has apparently spent all that money on drugs and she’s laying unconscious on the floor.  He picks her up and carries her to the street but he doesn’t know any good healers in the slum where he lives.  And then he remembers that he left the protag at a healer’s shop just that morning.  And if the healer is good enough for the protag, she must be pretty darned good.  So he runs as fast as he can through the city streets with his mother in his arms (not really noticing how people are freaked out at seeing a man run barefoot down icy streets while carrying a woman faster than most men could run) and he takes her to the healer’s shop.  There’s some drama because the healer is afraid to open her door because of the racial sentiment against her kind since the protag was accused of practicing dark arts.  But he won’t take no for an answer and he forces his way in.  She starts to work but realizes that the Thief is a vampire.  She gets a clove of garlic and drives him out the door and brags that the protag has gone to kill his master.  He realizes that this means that the protag is attacking the antag all alone and she’s not strong enough for that.  So he tells the Healer to fix his mom and then he takes off down the street.

I’m happy that I got 2000 words but I’m a little ticked at myself.  I had the opportunity to write for a couple of hours and I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity.  I could have gotten a lot more words tonight but decided to watch TV instead.  I am not happy with myself.  Hopefully, I’ll devote more time to it tomorrow.


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