Gartan’s Book – 11/2/10

1713 words.  Two scenes.

Scene 1:  The protag and the Governor are leaning on each other heading back to the Captain when the Governor mentions that he’s seen The Book in the Antag’s Sitting Room.  So, change of plans, they head to that room first.  The protag runs in looking around at the cases for the book.  The Governor goes to the book and lifts the glass case from it with the protag telling him to stop.  He gets all sorts of electrocuted.

Scene 2:  The protag, with the book beneath her arm, goes to the Captain for help to drag the Governor’s unconscious body from the mansion.  But the Captain is dead.  The book warns the protag before she walks into the trap and she brings up her magical shields.  The antag is there and now he has a bargaining chip: her son that she thought was dead.  So she agrees to lower her shields and give the antag the book in exchange for her son.  And when her son is almost on top of her, he smiles.  And that was the first she saw of his fangs.

Wow.  Second day of Nano and I’m pretty surprised with how quickly I’m mowing scenes down.  I’ve got to plan out a lot more stuff although I think I’ve got all the scenes planned to finish this book.  I’ll need to work out what I need to finish up the Queen of Balthazar.


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