Gartan’s Book – 11/1/10

1690 words.  Ahh, can you see the Nano effect already?

The protag helps the Governor out of the debris.  He calls her nasty names and accuses her of things she hasn’t done and she threatens to leave him there.  But she doesn’t.  And then the Antag’s manservant attacks.  The two of them kill him with the Governor not doing anything particularly effective but at least he tried.  But now the protag is weak from blood loss (she was bitten) and she can barely talk because she was badly choked.  Which makes it hard to cast spells.  (And you know that’s not going to matter, right?)

Also went back and picked up part of a scene with the Governor waking up after taking his nap and finding a note on his blanket.

Didn’t write at all over the weekend.  I just planned some things out.  And I went to my 30 year high school reunion and basically didn’t recognize anyone.  Which isn’t surprising seeing as how I kinda dropped out of school.  But I was invited, so I went.  And it was fun.  But I didn’t write. 

I’m surprised I got 1600+ words tonight.  I spent most of the night watching my Texans lose again to the damned Colts and Satan Manning.


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