Gartan’s Book – 10/26/10

826 words.

After the antag dodges a spell and throws the governor and his chair at the protag, the protag protects herself by raising a shield.  Something plops down on the floor beside her.  It’s a hand.  The antag’s manservant was behind her and her shield cut off his hand.  The manservant and the antag begin beating on her shield while the manservant’s hand is grabbing at her feet.  She reaches up with her magic and collapses the roof and then by changing the shape of her shield, she pulls herself out into the cold air.

Wrote this bit in Scrivener.  Still learning how it works. 

Also spent some time prepping the story for Nano.  I’ve got the analogue to the culture and place that this takes place — 1200’s Livonian and Teutonic Orders around Riga down to Krakow.  And I’ve got my main characters cast: Javier Bardem as an exiled paladin and Erica Durance as a blind seeress.  I need to figure out a preliminary ending.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 10/26/10”

  1. Okay, the manservant’s hand grabbing at the protag’s ankles is just priceless.

    Your NaNo story sounds–obscure, to a philistine like me who knows nothing of the history you mention. But it also sounds interesting and mysterious. Onward.

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