Gartan’s Book – 10/25/10

266 words.

The antag tells the protag that the Governor will die if she tries to cast any spells.  And the protag laughs and says, “You mean, the guy that ordered me executed?”  The antag laughed and said, “I’ve got something else that you want.”

I’ve spent most of the past few days thinking about the Nano novel instead of writing.  Very irritating.  I need to finish this up before Nano.  I also spent a lot of time yesterday loading up Scrivener for Windows and getting used to it.  I kinda wish I could merge Scrivener and LSB into a single piece of software.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 10/25/10”

  1. Oh, the lure of the shiny new idea.

    I’ve had the opposite problem. I should be thinking of the new story for NaNo, but my head is still stuck in the revision. You’re way ahead of me, though, since you are almost finished with your revision. Go, TPN!

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