Gartan’s Book – 10/20/10

343 words.

The protag hears someone calling for help.  She makes sure the captain is comfy (and out of the snow) and then finds the room where the person is calling for help.  She peeks in and sees the Governor tied up in the middle of the room surrounded by dead bodies.   Another man is tied up beside him slumped over.  The governor is crying out that the witch killed all these people and that they need help.  The protag stalks into the room calling the Governor a liar and the man beside him looks up surprised.  It’s the antag.  He rips the ropes off of himself and welcomes her.  (But he obviously wasn’t expecting her.)

I really hate myself sometimes.  I’m going back and forth right now over whether this is the proper way to bring things to a close or not.  It felt right as I was writing it but now that I’m thinking about it, I’m seeing some flaws in the logic.


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