Gartan’s Book – 10/17/10

336 words.

The protag fights against a vampire.  Her strategy is to hurl broken boards at him trying to drive one through his heart, but he’s too fast and she realizes that he “sees” her spells.

This fight, against a weaker vampire, is where the protag is going to learn what NOT to do when fighting a vampire.  This is her second fight against one.  And the first one didn’t go well and she only “won” because the vampire’s back was turned.

I also spent a lot of brain cycles thinking about which story to work on for Nano.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 10/17/10”

  1. Good training tactic, having her go up against a weaker enemy and still having a hard time of it.

    Hope your NaNo story is a stunner.

    PS–come to the HTTS/HTRYN forums and let us know your NaNo name so we can friend you. I don’t usually chatter much on the NaNo boards, but it’s nice to “know” some people there.

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