Gartan’s Book – 10/16/10

731 words.

The protag tries to convince the lawmen to help her but they attack and she uses her magic to drive them back.  She runs into the house past them expecting them to follow, and they do.  She’s hoping that when she meets up with the antag that the lawmen will come to her support.  She runs down a dark hall, jumping over the crumpled bodies of lawmen, and following a trail of blood.  She comes to the Captain, who is half dead.  The lawmen catch up to her  but as they attack, they die.  One by one, sucked into the darkness.  The protag casts her light spell into the darkness and instead of the antag, it’s the first thief she offered the job of stealing the book to (who turned her down but decided to steal the book for himself and got caught).

I ended up not writing yesterday and not writing very much today.  Frankly, I was hoping for 2000 words today.  But instead I started working up a possible new idea for Nano.  I”m still not sure about the idea.  OK, ok.  I also got sucked into reading X-Men: Endangered Species and X-Men: Messiah Complex.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 10/16/10”

  1. My head spins a little bit when I consider the complexity of your story, but also when I consider how dedicated you are to the work. Excellent! Onward.

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