Gartan’s Book – 10/14/10

1228 words.

The lawman runs from the protag toward the screaming in the house.  The protag considers leaving but follows.  The lawmen start yelling to each other to go back to their posts.  And they notice the protag and, thinking she’s just some girl, try to get her to leave.  Her illusory blonde hair falls over the hands of one of the lawmen… and doesn’t touch him.  He notices that and becomes suspicious.  But an alert goes out that the captain has been attacked and all the lawmen run back to the house.  A group gathers on the front porch but the front door is locked.  The protag pushes her way through and casts a spell to unlock the door.  There’s some tension about that and the lawmen aren’t sure what to make of her but their captain needs them so they burst into the dark foyer.  The protag casts a spell to open all the windows and when she opens her eyes, a lawman’s body has been thrown at her and knocks her down.  She loses control of her spells.  She regains her feet and staggers into the room and the lawmen that are still alive shout…. “There she is! Kill the Witch!”  Her illusion had dispelled and now the lawmen are turning their swords toward her.


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