Gartan’s Book – 10/12/10

1064 words.

The protag sets down at the road leading up to the antag’s mansion.  She wants to just fly there and challenge the antag but a dome of wards covers the mansion and the grounds.  And the only portal in is the road.  The level of magic involved makes the protag consider retreating and picking another battlefield.  But he can’t be ready for her now.  So the protag slogs up the road simmering and planning tortures for the antag.  And then she realizes that there are guards outside the mansion.  And the guards are lawmen.  She considers running.  She considers blasting her way in.  She decides to have the guards send her away.  She casts a spell and walks up to the lawmen.  She talks a bit to the lawmen who ask her who she is and what her business is and they ask if she’s seen any foreign witches and she says no.  (She’s cast a spell so she looks like a local but it doesn’t do anything about her accent so she’s nervous.)  And then there’s a shriek from the mansion.

I was surprised at how quickly the words came out tonight (not quite 45 minutes.)  I had planned on spending a lot more time on just writing the words but I planned this scene out three different ways before I figured out something I liked and that made some sort of sense and even then, it changed a bit as I was writing it.   I didn’t expect to get the whole scene out in the time I had.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 10/12/10”

  1. Your process fascinates me. I envy your level of concentration. Keep after it.

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