Gartan’s Book – 10/11/10

849 words.

The lawman captain in charge of the contingent guarding the antag’s mansion makes sure her men are still attentive and awake after having stood guard all day with no food.  She’s pretty ticked off at their treatment but the Governor had ordered that they stay outside and they were not to come in under any circumstances.  The captain is not happy.  She’s finally had enough and she goes to the servant’s entrance (which doesn’t brighten her mood) and she tries to get someone’s attention.  She finally opens the door.   She doesn’t find the bustling kitchens she expected.  There’s just one lone servant girl sitting on a chair in the corner staring at the wall.  The fire pits and ovens are cold.  The girl doesn’t respond to the captain so that captain goes in and tries to find out what’s wrong.  The girl starts shrieking.

I took the day off today to run some errands and go to the dentist and the chiropractor.  But I didn’t write any more than usual.  Just an hour.  We had a guest over yesterday and that cut my writing time short yesterday, too.  I’d expected to be further along by today.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 10/11/10”

  1. That’s surprising, to find unused kitchen and traumatized servant. Hmm.

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