Gartan’s Book – 10/10/10

703 words.

The protag is leaving the Healer’s.  But the Healer nervously fidgets with the protag’s clothes and gives her instructions on who to talk to and a page with directions on how to get to a safe place where the protag can hide in a basement until a safer, more comfortable place is found.  The protag asks for a couple of cloves of garlic, just in case.  And then she sets off out the door into the cold.  When she’s sure the Healer has shut the door, she drops the directions to the ground.  She has other plans.

I worked on the plot yesterday.  I wanted to write but I needed to feel comfy about where I was headed.  And I was pretty surprised at how close I am to the end of the book.  I MIGHT finish this before Nano starts.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 10/10/10”

  1. That’s exciting to hear that you might finish before NaNo. Onward!

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