Gartan’s Book – 10/8/10

755 words.

The Governor speaks with the antag and the antag seems amused that the Governor is there to protect him from the protag.  The antag notices that the Governor is exhausted and suggests he take his rest here, they have several rooms where he would be comfortable.  And the Governor finds himself getting more and more tired.  He accepts the invitation but on the way out of the room he notices a book beneath a glass case.  He asks the antag when and how he had recovered the book.  The antag asks what he’s talking about and suggests that the Governor is sleepy and needs to go to bed.  The governor can’t remember what it was he was saying and bids the antag good night.

I’ve spent the past couple of days hammering out what I’m going to do from this point but I really don’t have it all worked out, yet.  And that’s frustrating because I’d like to bang out a bunch of words tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday. (I’m taking a sick day because I’ve accumulated so many that I’ve stopped accumulating them.  So I gotta use them or lose them.)  The protag has to put a plan together to attack the antag and the thief has to deal with what’s happening to his sweetheart and then end up between the antag and protag again.


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