Gartan’s Book – 10/6/10

781 words.

After a rough night trying to track down the protag, the Governor rides on his horse with 12 men (including 2 mages) to the antag’s house.  The Governor is feeling his age, it’s been a rough night.  He’s there to warn the antag that the protag has escaped and to assign the 12 men to protect the antag, but initially there was some confusion and the antag was… well… antagonistic to the Governor because there was some confusion about why the Governor was there.  At this point, the Governor is just feeling ashamed that he let the protag escape and that initial animosity hasn’t really sunk in, yet.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 10/6/10”

  1. I laughed at the image of 13 men on one horse riding to the antag’s house. I know you meant 13 men on 13 horses rode to the antag’s house.
    I love the plot, keep going.

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