Gartan’s Book – 10/5/10

1075 words.

The Thief tried to convince his girlfriend to run away with him as they had discussed so many times.  But she didn’t want to go.  And when he gave her the necklace that she’d told him she wanted (back in the 2nd scene), she accused him of stealing it.  This was not going the way he had envisioned.  Using his vampire abilities, he looked into her heart and realized that she didn’t really love him.  She liked the romantic star-crossed lover idea of him but she was really excited about her father working out a betrothal to a minor lord.  And the Thief had to make the decision about whether to FORCE her to love him and go with him or to leave her.  And he decided to leave her so he released her from his thrall.  But then, she started coughing.  She fell to the floor and he could sense her dying but he could also hear her parents rousing.  So he left her there and whispered, “I loved you.”

I’ve discovered that LSB has a Timer and a Word Goal alarm.  So I put myself on for an hour and 500 words.  I hit 500 words at 30 minutes.  I’m pretty pleased with the word count but I’ve got some plotting to do.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 10/5/10”

  1. Well done with tht timer and word count. Smart decision by the thief. 🙂

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