Gartan’s Book – 10/2/10

2,089 words.  Finished one scene and began on another.

The protag enters the Healer’s shop feeling relieved and as though she can finally rest and recuperate before making an assault on the antag.   The Healer is worried that the lawmen will track the protag to her shop and she’s worried that people will find out that the protag is there.  Life is very hard for people of their nationality since the protag was convicted of practicing dark arts.  There is an argument between the two that focuses on the problem of doing the “right” thing versus the damage that it does to those around you.  Do you cut your losses and when?  The protag refuses to stop her quest to do the right thing.  The Healer promises to feed the protag and get her some clothes, but she wants the protag out of her home before anyone finds her.  The protag is pretty ticked off because she’d expected the Healer to be an ally in this.

The Thief goes to his girlfriend’s house and breaks in.

I did not fully flesh out the second scene here in my normal style.  While I was going through my process, I had a little epiphany about a twist that could happen in this scene.  I’m not sure I’m going to do this but when my muse threw the idea at me, I almost fainted.  Something is going to go wrong that I never expected to go wrong and it’s going to go wrong in a way that is so right it’s almost sick.  I think it fits in with the rest of the story really, really well and doesn’t really ruin any continuity but I need to take a little time and cogitate on this before I do it because… wow… it’s a nasty twist.


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