Gartan’s Book – 10/1/10

339 words.

The protag knocks on the Healer’s door in the middle of the night and begs to be let in.

My wife came home last night after being gone for a week.  That should be her last trip of the year (Yay!)  She actually hasn’t travelled that much this year and that’s a good thing. 

But I just couldn’t get into the scene and I had to force myself to write it.  After I plotted it out (my process has me do a “dry run” of the scene before I actually start writing), I got into the scene.  There were several cool scenes that I was going to have to cut out of the story because they didn’t make sense even though I thought they would rock.  And it all boiled down to how the Thief learns about the Healer without it being a huge coincidence.  Well.  Now it’s not.  He dropped the protag off here and so now he’s aware of the Healer and where she is.  She will be the first (maybe the second) person he thinks about when he needs a healer, and he’s about to need a healer in the worst way.

Besides him knowing about the healer, I needed for a few other things to be set up and I couldn’t think of how to set them up.  While going through the scene, it all worked out and fell into place.  I had been afraid that this scene was just filler that wasn’t going to satisfy any reason for its existence but now… now… bwahahahahah… it is a lynchpin scene that brings a few different threads together.


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