Gartan’s Book – 9/28/10

1,181 words.  Finished 1 scene, started on another.

The protag flies off the tower barely able to control her magic with her hands still bound.  She flies away from the Governor and his keep, over the frozen river, and over the slums of Avo… until she crashes into the spire of a temple.  She falls into a dark alley.  A couple of washerwomen stare at her as she rises to her feet.  A crowd of people quickly gather behind them.  The protag turns to walk the other way down the alley but there’s a crowd gathering there.  She looks up at the darkening sky and decides to try to get to a more hospitable location and then she has a pain in her head and everything goes dark.

The protag doesn’t want to wake up because of the pain in her head.  She half dreams half hallucinates that she’s back in her monastery and hearing the angry babble, realizes that she’s not.  She’s tied to a stake in the market square with firewood at her feet.


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