Gartan’s Book – 9/27/10

OK.  I give up.

The past week has been crazy.  I’ve had a lot of work stuff protecting my ass from being thrown under the bus, I’ve watched a few TV shows and movies instead of writing (guilt guilt guilt), we went out to dinner, we had a niece and a nephew (and their boyfriends) over for dinner, I hurt my quad on a 395# squat, etc., etc.  And I haven’t written much and obviously, I didn’t keep track of it, either.

I blame my cat for my not writing more.  See, I had been writing long hand as Holly suggested the revision work be done (although I suspect Holly wasn’t expecting a full rewrite to be hand written, but what the heck.)  And when I started all of this, I found a desk I could use and had everything set up and I was able to work with no problem.  I was devoting an hour here and an hour there to it.

But then we had a guest stay at our house and we moved our 15 year old cat from our nice guest bedrooms to the back bedroom, which is smaller and nowhere near as nice… but that back bedroom happened to be my writing space.  We prefer the old girl be in the bigger bedrooms because she’s got more space and her litter box goes into the bathroom on a tile floor which is easier to clean.  Sometimes the old girl has… uh… issues.

But Persephone (the old girl) decided that she preferred life in the small back bedroom.  She likes hiding under that bed more than she likes hiding in the closet in the big bedrooms.   So we let her take up residence in that back bedroom.   And that put her litter box right there beside where I was writing.  And I don’t want to be in there writing right beside a litter box.  I’m finicky like that.

So I tried continued writing long hand in the TV room on a TV tray.  And that just is not working.  Too distracted. 

Also, on top of that, I think this writing longhand stuff is killing my neck and back.  And I think that contributed to my lower back getting very, very tight and me starting to have problems with cricks in my neck.  And so I started going to a chiropractor (my family has been going to chiropractors for years and I go back occasionally to get things straightened out) and he started loosening up my hips… and that’s what led to my quad problem on the squat.

SO… I have now officially given up writing long hand.  It was fun while it lasted and I may use it when I’m doing revisions in the future that aren’t the big huge rewrite I’m doing now.  At last count, I had 242 pages.  I had been estimating at about 275 words per page but I think that was WAY high now.  I typed in page 242 and it came out to 260 words per page and if I include pages that are the ends of scenes and are only partial, that will drive that average down a bit.  I thought I was sitting at about 65,000 words but now, I think I’m at around 55,000 words.  That’s a huge letdown.

BUT… I sat down and wrote on the computer for about 45 minutes tonight after configuring LSB for this as a new project.

862 words.

The thief talks to the jeweller about buying the ruby necklace that the girl he wants to be his girlfriend was admiring at the beginning of the story.  But before he can complete the transaction, he notices a commotion outside.  People are running to the square where they say they’ve captured the Witch and they’re about to put her to death.   The Thief, with a morbid curiosity, goes to look even though he thinks they probably just have some innocent foreignor.  He gets there and sees that it is indeed the protag.  And he wonders what he should do.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 9/27/10”

  1. I understand about writing by hand, I don’t do it, except for my shoppng list. Typing will get the job done, and most times, faster, than by hand. 🙂
    Hang in there because the book is coming along nicely. Can’t wait to hear you got a publisher interested in it!

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