Gartan’s Book 9/16/10 & 9/17/10

2 pages on 9/16 and 3 pages on 9/17.  Completed 1 scene.

The protag is sitting in her cell trying to slowly pack some magic into the diamond ear ring her mother in law gave to her when she hears guards outside her door.  She grabs the gem and pretends to be meditating.  The Governor tries to speak to her about the vampires but she mumbles a smartass answer in her home language while he tries to read her lips.  He orders a mage to temporarily disengage the silence spell and the protag uses that opportunity to trigger a concussion spell using the power she’d built up in the diamond.  It knocks her from her feet but knocks the cell door off its hinges and knocks out the Governor and his guards.  The silence spell is back engaged on her but she was able to hold it barely open; she needs time to unravel the spell and dispel it.  But the guards start to regain consciousness and she hears some guards coming up the stairs.  So she runs up to the very top of the tower and tries to dispel the silence spell in the freezing wind.  A guard bursts through the hatch and threatens her.  She leaps from the top of the tower, joyfully screaming a word of power as she falls.

What’s interesting to me is that this scene overlaps with the previous scene from the Governor’s viewpoint.  I originally had the protag unable to get away in this scene and her being recaptured and then the thief was going to bust her out later on.  BUT… I want to show her resourceful and powerful.  I don’t want her always depending on other people to save her (although the thief is still going to save her a little later on, just in a new context.)  This makes me re-arrange some things but I like it better this way.  And in any case, I felt like the Governor would have her executed on the spot after pulling this little stunt so I couldn’t really let him catch her.


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