Gartan’s Book – 9/14/10

3 pages.

The Governor storms across his keep to the tower where they keep prisoners with people and animals scurrying to get out of his way.  He plods up the stairs to the floor where the protag is being held… and then has to rest a while to catch his breath.  Then he opens the slot and asks the protag how many vampires has she loosed upon his city.  She moves her mouth but with the silence spell cast on her, he can’t make out what she says.  So he has the mage with him temporarily lift the spell.

In the previous couple of scenes, I’ve shown the protag studying the silence spell that resides in the slave collar around her neck.  Without being able to make hand gestures or speak, she can’t summon the magic to dispel it but she can examine it with her mage’s senses.  She now knows this spell very, very well.

Now… I’ve set myself up for something that I hadn’t really planned and I might need to look at re-arranging and re-plotting just a little bit.  Hmmm… or actually, I may have her make a tactical mistake.  If she does that, then I can go with things as I’ve got them plotted.


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