Gartan’s Book – 9/10/10

6 pages, 1 scene.

The Governor sat in his office looking over the reports of the anti-foreignor violence that had occured in the city the previous night when the doors bang open and a Nayengim woman storms into the room.  He initially thinks that she’s angry at the violence but then finds out that she’s come to try to convince him to release the protag.  He tells her that the protag has been convicted of a lot of things and they argue about them back and forth.  The woman, who is a healer that the protag has been seeing, tells the Governor that the protag would not endanger the soul of her child by practicing dark arts.  The Governor points out that the protag’s son is dead.  But the healer tells him that wasn’t the child she was talking about.  The protag is preggers.

I realize that I’ve been staying away from using names and things in these descriptions.  In my world, the protag (Tuleh Inare) is living in the city of Avo in the kingdom of the Onei.  She’s from Nayengim and was a priestess of the Nayen before giving it up to marry Lord Kemist Inare.  Her son was Aynish.  The antag is Lord Gartan and the book is the Book of Vellin, who was a prophet of the Nayen.   And the Governor is Count Luruv Avo.  And the thief is Kovon.

I’ve been seriously debating about whether to include this plot twist or not.  I’ve hinted throughout the book that she’s pregnant but I haven’t actually come out and said it.  She’s been having a lot of symptoms but nothing definite.  This is like a big reveal scene.

I didn’t write yesterday.  I had to pick my sister in law up from the airport and then entertain her and her daughter last night AND find a way to watch the opening of football season.  Unfortunately, all that left no time to write.  Today, my wife flew back in from Philly and drove with her sister down to San Angelo for a party for their dad.  They’ll be back tomorrow night.  Audrey’s been gone since Tuesday which has allowed me to get a few more pages in this week than normal. Can’t wait for her to get back home, more pages or not.  🙂


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