Gartan’s Book – 9/7/10

5 pages down.

The Mage that captured the protag tries to convince the antag that he’s busy with his family but his wife says, “No, no, you guys go talk.  It’s OK.”  So the antag and the Mage go up to his workroom and the antag proceeds to beat the snot out of the Mage until he tells the antag where the book has been hidden.  And he does.  And then the Mage, who hasn’t had a chance to think because of how quickly this happens realizes that the protag had been telling the truth.  And then he dies.  (And there were lots of hints that the antag was going to kill the rest of the Mage’s family, too.)

My wife is out of town this week so I should get at least 5 pages a day written.  Hopefully.  🙂


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