Gartan’s Book – 9/6/10

Almost forgot this.  I wrote 7 pages on 9/6.  Finished one scene and began another.

The protag cried herself to sleep thinking about her dead family, woke up to the food being pushed through her door.  She considered not eating, then went to eat it and could smell the poison.  Then she thought about just ending it all except she knew what the effects of that particular poison would be and it wasn’t going to be pleasant.  She ended up not eating.  She made a decision and even though she couldn’t cast a spell, she started examining the spell keeping her silent.  She used her study and focus of that spell as a mantra while she meditated.  She had to do something and if something happened, she figured knowing that spell intimately may was something she could do.

In the second scene, the Mage that captured the protag is having dinner with his wife and two girls when there’s a knock at the door.  The Antag is outside asking to come in.  The Mage invites him in.

I really had a lazy day yesterday.  I wanted to get a lot more written but I spent a lot of time surfing the net.  I am teh suxor.


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