Gartan’s Book – 9/5/10

4 pages.

The protag was taken back to her cell, her fine (but bloody and torn) dress taken away, doused with water to clean her up, and given a rough homespun dress.  All while the guards are making lewd comments and groping her and holding a knife to her throat. 

Scene’s not done, yet.  I’ve probably got a page to go on it.  I really wanted to get more pages but yesterday was my fantasy draft day.  I’m a huge football fan and there was a lot of stuff going on yesterday.  So I didn’t spend as much time writing as I should have.

Overall, I’ve got 196 pages finished.  Still got a ways to go.  When I first started off, I was worried about the length because I was writing very tight.  I had been afraid I was going to be finished in 220 pages which I estimate to be about 60,000 words and that’s too short.  I think the length is going to be just about right now without even going back and revising the first few scenes to make them more readable and descriptive.


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