Gartan’s Book – 8/25/10

Well, as expected, no words today.

My wife was having a business dinner so I expected to spend all my time working on getting my plot straight.  Instead, I spent all that time working.  And then when I had a chance to work on my plot, I spent MOST of my time on a forum arguing about why I’m happy with my football team.  Gawd.  I’m so stupid sometimes.

Anyway, I’ve got about 16 scenes plotted out that take the place of what amounted to 4 scenes in my original FO.  I’ve still got to see if I can’t tweak it up a little bit.  How much I can fit in depends on how much time I allow between the sentencing and the beheading.  But a couple of these scenes could actually be worked in earlier in the story which gives me slightly more leeway. 

The way I picture this culture, justice is a swift thing.  They don’t lollygag and I was tempted to have them just take her right out and execute her.  That however ruins the rest of the book… because… she’s got to actually still be alive for most of it.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 8/25/10”

  1. Hihi, I smiled about the last sentence.
    My revision is going fine. In the last few days I managed to revise seven scenes but realized this morning that I forgot to include a tiny but important detail in the second to last scene. I admit that it is really helpful to walk the dog – as little as I like it. 😉

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