Gartan’s Book – 8/24/10

Well, I wrote two pages today and finished the last scene I feel really comfortable with.

My protag has been sentenced to death.

So now, I need to figure out the ending of my story.   I mean, I’ve got the ENDING of the story, but I’ve got to get there and I’ve got to amp up the conflict on the way. 

Basically what I had in place was that The Thief was going to be dealing with some of his stuff and was going to hear that the protag was waiting to be executed.  He was going to break her out.  She was going to go through a little stuff with her MIL, he was going to go through some stuff with his girl, and then the Thief was going to fight the antag and barely get away.  Then the Thief and the protag were going to team up to go after the antag.

I’m still going to have the Thief/Antag fight and the Thief/Protag team up.  But, I’m going to add a bunch of scenes in between.  The thief is going to have to come to some realizations about his life before he decides to free the protag.  And she’s going to have to go through some stuff in jail.  I just don’t know what, yet.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 8/24/10”

  1. Ooh–I’m kind of scared to find out what you put her through in jail! Good going, TPN.

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