Gartan’s Book – 8/22/10

I’ve really got to get my date’s together.  I was looking over my blog posts last night and realized that I skipped a night’s work and then put down the wrong date for the next day’s work.

In the words of the Austin Lounge Lizards: Life is hard but life is harder when you’re dumb.

Anyway, the scene I skipped was from Friday.  It was 3 pages.  The protag woke up outside her house trying to figure out what was going on.  Then she felt her binding spell on her husband dispelled and it all came back to her.  She fought to try to free herself but her husband was thrown from the house into the daylight where he burned up and died.  The scene ended with her crying over his smoking corpse.

Yesterday, I wrote 6 pages but I had a little but of pushback from my muse.  I wrote the first scene and it was great.  4 pages.  The antag went to the Governor to ask where the hell his book was.  The Governor didn’t know and frankly didn’t much care, he caught a woman practicing dark arts and that was that.  The discussion got a bit confrontational.  The Governor brought in the mage who captured the protag and the mage denied knowing where the book was (playing a semantic word game because the way the question was worded.)  But the antag knew the mage was lying.

Then I hit a bit of a roadblock.  My muse did not want to write.  After thinking about it, the problem wasn’t with the scene I was supposed to write.  The problem was after that.  And now I think I know why my muse likes to work from an outline.  She’s not working on the scene I’m writing.  She’s a few scenes in front of me working on things.  And the problem was that the next two scenes didn’t work.  As a matter of fact, after the scene I’m currently working on, I have a bit of a donut.  There are two scenes after the one I’m on that are just very weak “and then a miracle occurs” types of scenes where I’m not really milking this situation and I’m not making use of the conflict or resolving things.  I’m RUSHING into the ending.

When I realized that, I sat down and looked at my Focused Outline and realized that I needed to work up some more conflicts, identify the conflicts I was dropping, and then go back into a mini-Monastery to fill this story out.  After I resolved to do that, my muse was happy.

And I got my two pages of the next scene, where my protag (beaten and abused but holding her head high and proud) is brought to the judging chambers to stand trial before the Governor and his council.  The Governor is the judge.  And he’s got a serious hate-on for the protag because he’s already convinced she turned her husband into a vampire.  The trial works with the Governor presenting the charges, discussing the evidence, and then they take the silence spell off our protag to let her try to defend herself.  And then they slap the spell back on her if she’s pissing them off.  So far, it’s not going well for the little witch from Nayengim.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 8/22/10”

  1. Hey, TPN–remind me to mention you in my gratitude book:
    Dear Gratitude Book:
    I am grateful that TPN is not writing my life.

    You rock fearlessly! Keep it up. :)TX

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