Gartan’s Book – 8/20/10

So, I was thinking about my “pace” for this.  The first month I was working on this, I cranked out just over 140 handwritten pages.  I think I’m averaging around 280 words per page, that puts me right at 39,000 words per month and I should be right around 47,000 words so far overall.  I should be just over halfway although just sitting here, it seems like I just wrote the biggest “section” of the book and without my FO in front of me, I can only think of what’s going to be on the agenda tomorrow.  At this pace, I should be able to finish this rewriting in about a month… which is a little sooner than I had been expecting.  I’ll need to take a few more days off work so I can write more.  My HR person has been telling me that my personal and sick days have already stopped accruing and I have to take time off any way.  🙂

Anyway, I wrote a total of 7 pages today, completing 2 scenes.  My arm is tired.  I’m going to shoot for another 7 pages tomorrow. 

In the first scene, the antag is searching through the protag’s deserted house looking for the book.  He and his henchmen tear the place apart.  The antag walks into the room where the protag’s dead son is and the protag starts laughing.

In the second scene, the protag is bound in a cold cell with all sorts of precautions to keep her from casting magic when a bat flies in, the antag.  Even bound, she tries to fight him but he starts beating on her asking her what she’s done with the book.  At first, she doesn’t really try to do anything but fight him but then he gets angry and prepares to rape her and she gives in and tells him that she’ll tell him.  But he can tell she’s lying and realizes that she doesn’t know where the book is.  So he dumps the chamberpot on her and flies away.  And she dedicates her soul to the gods of vengeance.

I really had misgivings about writing the second scene.  The initial scene I had imagined was actually more brutal and was an out and out rape.  But it didn’t sit comfortably with me.  I was trying to think of all sorts of ways to drive him off just short of the act and I was really happy when she realized that maybe fighting wasn’t such a good idea and that maybe she should try to talk her way out of it.

What I love about this girl is that she just keeps picking herself up and fighting.


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 8/20/10”

  1. Managed to get 450 words yesterday and another 650 today. Revision is such a slog…

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