Gartan’s Book – 8/16/10

Got 2 pages today.  Finished a scene.

The protag fought against the Governor and his mage and tried to climb the stairs with The Book to get to her husband.  She was doing fine and then dropped the book.  She tried to grab it and the mage used that opportunity to sneak a spell through and that spun her around, slammed her into the wall, and she tumbled down the stairs to land unconscious at the base.

I was going to write more but… I’m not sure about the next scene.  My FO had something slightly different happening.  I think I’m going to be switching to the Governor’s perspective for a little bit and then back to the protag for the climax of this section.  So what I had originally considered a single scene in my focused outline becomes 3.


3 Responses to “Gartan’s Book – 8/16/10”

  1. Do you use a different voice for each character’s viewpoint, or do you use the same voice throughout?

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    I try to stay to a close 3rd person voice throughout. So my voice doesn’t change too much although I tend to choose my words differently depending on whose head I’m in. I weave the thoughts and feelings of ONLY the POV character into what I’m writing and it’s difficult not to let the thoughts or intentions of other characters weave their way in.

    Personally, I kinda like a totally omniscient head-hopping voice that’s able to peer into each character’s thoughts and feelings but I know that some people get weirded out by that. I took a class from Writer’s Online and the POV work really made me conscious of the voice and how I need to approach it. Prior to that course, I really was head hopping wherever and whenever I wanted to.

  3. thepencilneck Says:

    Oh, and I try to go out of my way to bring out the misinformation that a particular person has when I’m in their POV.

    For example, the protag thinks she killed the antag several scenes ago. So I try to bring that out. When she’s planning her next move, she’s planning it against the antag’s henchman because that’s who she thinks is doing this to her. Or like when the protag’s hubby took what he thought was the real book to the antag earlier in the story. I like things like that where someone has bad information and is doing what they think is right based on it.

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