Gartan’s Book – 8/14/10

6 pages today and all of them for a single scene.

The protag realizes that The Book had showed her a spell that looked like a cure for vampirism.  So she decides to cure her husband and then the two of them can go get vengeance for the death of their son.  She believes that her husband was “turned” by some flunky of the antag (because she thinks the antag is dead at this point.)  So, she goes out to the coachhouse to retrieve the book (long story) and when she comes out, she hears horses and men.  So she hobbles (she’s still injured from the encounter with the antag) out to the front of the mansion and calls out to the Count who is leading a bunch of men in armor.  And he orders her to be taken into custody.

And my Texans looked good in their first preseason game!  🙂


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