Gartan’s Book – 8/10/10

I was off today so my plan was to write as much as possible.  And then reality sets in.  🙂  I ended up waiting for a guy to show up to run some cabling in our house because my wife was booked up with conference calls all day.  I couldn’t go back to my normal writing nook because I was afraid I wouldn’t hear the doorbell.

I was hoping to write 2 scenes for 8 pages total.  I ended up writing 3 scenes for 9 pages total.  So that went pretty good.   The extra scene was a scene that wasn’t in the original focused outline but held some action that had been unintentionally neglected by the FO.  These three scenes work together as a unit.  It starts with the protag arriving at home with her son running up the steps excited to tell his father about the bag of candy the protag had bought for him.  It ends with the father, now a vampire, trapped in a magical web against a wall and the protag cradling her dead son in her arms with the bag of candy beside them.

And the poop is about to hit the proverbial fan.


2 Responses to “Gartan’s Book – 8/10/10”

  1. Oh boy–your poor protag! When does she get to kick back? As in retaliate, not as in, pop a brewski and hit the La-Z-Boy.

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    Oh, the poor girl has a whole mountain of horror waiting to drop on her. As if having her hubby turned into a vampire while she wasn’t looking and having him kill their son wasn’t bad enough.

    I mean, we’re about halfway through this. She doesn’t realize it but she was on vacation up until now.

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