Gartan’s Book – 8/7/10

So, I’m taking off Monday and Tuesday.  My goal is to write as much as possible this weekend.  I’ve got things I’ve got to do, errands I’ve got to run, but I want to get a bunch written.

Today/tonight, I wrote the scene that I didn’t feel right writing last night.  After spec’ing it out, I kept the mother and her addictions and her illness.  But my old hero, the Thief, who was never as great of a character as I wanted him to be in my previous versions, started squirming under my pen a little bit today.  I’m going to have to add a few more scenes for him.  Which is a good thing because I need a few more scenes.  He’s becoming much more active and more human than in his previous incarnations.

I’m also discovering more about Vampirism through him.  In several of the earlier scenes, I’ve used the old, classic Vampirism Hypnosis trick.  The antag has used it on at least 3 occasions.  He even tried to use it on the protag in the first fight, but the Thief broke the spell and saved her.  But in the scene I was working on tonight, it turns out there’s a flip side to that power.  And the Thief met an old girlfriend who’s seeing a friend of his now.  And without his having any control of the power, it turned on… and he felt the connection to her and “knew” her more than he’s ever known anyone before.  And he felt the pain he had inflicted on her with his careless lies and casual indifference.  And he felt ashamed.  And he apologized.  And she felt better for it.  It was a powerful scene.

8 pages, 1 scene.  But honestly, if I wanted to, I could easily conceptually split this into 2 scenes.  It just flowed so well with a minor transition/sequel connecting them that I’m going to leave it as a single conceptual block.

In total, I’m up to 116 pages.  If I’m averaging about 280 words per page (a full page has over 300 words for me), then that’s about 32k words.  Still got a long way to go and I want to be finished already.  🙂


One Response to “Gartan’s Book – 8/7/10”

  1. I really like that flip side to the glamour-ing business. Powerful.

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