Gartan’s Book – 8/4/10 and 8/5/10

The past couple of days, I worked on a scene that split into two scenes.  In the first scene, my protag and her husband have a spat because a lot of the lies that she’s told him come to light.  He’s found out some of the things she’s been doing.  She tells him about the fight with the vampire and he doesn’t believe her.  He really thinks she’s losing it and when he says that, she accuses him of speaking with his mother’s words.  Some things are said.  She gets ticked off and tells him to sleep in one of the guest rooms.

In the second scene, the protag’s husband wakes up in a cold room and finds his bedroom window open and the fire dead.  So he closes the window and then realizes there’s someone in the room with him.  It doesn’t go well for the hubby.

I originally had that as one scene where they were arguing through the door.  This turned out much better.

It all came to a total of 8 pages.  It was a BIG argument.  Lots of things said to be regretted later.  She was too angry at him to tell him her secret and now it’s too late although she won’t know it for a few more scenes.


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