Gartan’s Book – 8/2/10 (for real)

I screwed up my date in my last post.  It should have been 8/1.

Anyway, I got two and a half pages done last night.  This was another scene with the Thief (who is now a vampire) trying to sneak out of the temple.  The vampirism is really testing his sanity.  He’s got sensory overload from all the new sights and sounds and smells he can detect.  They only clothes he’s got are the robes that the priest was wearing.  And that priest was quite a bit shorter than him.  He walks out into the temple and stands there befuddled.  And then a little girl touches his arm because she’s lost her parents and he’s trying not to think about the blood he can see pulsing through her and the chattering insane voices in his head telling him to chomp down on her.

Like the scene where he wakes up, this is a scene I’ve written several times.  This one is much richer than the other versions.  I’m not even trying to use anything from those older versions.


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