Gartan’s Book – 8/2/10

Had dinner last night with one of our nieces and one of our nephews (and his boyfriend.)  It got kinda late so I ended up not writing yesterday.  I had planned on it but I didn’t do it.

Today, I wrote 6 pages and finished a scene (kinda.)  I had planned for it to be one scene but it split into two related scenes.  In the first scene, the protag’s husband goes to the antag’s house to return the book to the antag and to beg for forgiveness.  But the antag isn’t there and the butler takes the book.  The second scene has the butler giving the book to the antag who is still recovering from the fight with the protag and the antag throws the book in the fire when he realizes that it’s not THE book.  It’s A book with a spell on it so that it LOOKS like the book to the casual observer.

So those are the two scenes.  In the first scene, the protag’s husband “invites” the antag to come see them.  And vampires have to have an invitation.  So this… well… it’s not good for the protag.

When I started writing this scene based on the SFR, I really expected it to be 2 pages at best.  But after doing the “writing down the scene” technique from the Weekend Novelist, it really expanded and I got a lot more description and setting in.  (Including the servant girl scrubbing bloody footprints off the stairs as the protag’s hubby is talking to the antag’s butler and giving him the book.)

And it dawned on me that if I’m short on words/scenes, it might be very interesting to tell some scenes from the viewpoint of one of the servants in the antag’s household.  That’s got to be pretty spooky.  Working for a lord and then having this gnawing suspicion that something isn’t just “not right” but is actually “horribly wrong.”


2 Responses to “Gartan’s Book – 8/2/10”

  1. Oh, man, you are doing great! A bespelled book that fools people, servants in the vampire’s manse. Good stuff. You fantasy writers seem to have a lot more fun than us mystery writers. Hmmph.

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    Well, we fantasy writers are just funnerer than you mystery writers all the way around.


    Funnerer. Gawd, I crack me up.

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