Gartan’s Book – 7/28/10

I didn’t write on the 27th because I had a terrible headache and I decided to rest up a bit.  I’d also had a tough workout and I’d strained my back so I didn’t feel like hunching over the table. 

So, last night, I scrapped the pages I’d done on my current scene.  I still needed to do all the same things, but I didn’t want the scene to be so disjoint.  I didn’t want the protag to be in place A, do something with someone, then go to place B and do something else entirely with someone else entirely.  So, I modified the scene so that the protag met the ship owner at her favorite restaurant.  (This way, she has a way to explain it to her husband if he finds out she wasn’t doing what she was supposed to be doing.)  And this allowed me to bring in the MIL so that she overheard part of the conversation with the shipowner and was able to come to the wrong conclusion.  Which just makes things more nasty all around.

So, I’ve got another 2.5 pages on that scene.  I’m basically back to where I was word-count wise but the tension is much higher and the scene flows much better.  I should finish this scene tonight.


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