Gartan’s Book – 7/18/10

Got 3 more pages done tonight and finished the scene I started last night.

For the book to be the right length, I need to get my average scene size up to about 4-5 pages per scene.  That will put my average scenes between 1000-1300 words per.  A lot of my first few scenes are really missing on description.  I always leave out smells and feels even when it’s on my list.  My average scene size was around 2.7 pages per scene over the first 10 scenes and about 3.7 pages per scene over the last 7 scenes.  So I’m getting better as I go through. 

I was afraid that the scene I finished tonight was going to clock in at 1-2 pages but ended up being 4 and I think it’s a good 4 pages.  So I’m happy.

The first major battle of the book starts with the next scene.


2 Responses to “Gartan’s Book – 7/18/10”

  1. I write what amounts to movie scripts in first draft. Almost all dialogue and action. Well, and internal commentary. Always have to go back and put in description. That’s hard, putting stuff in. Wish I wrote the other way and then editing would be all about cutting, not adding. It sounds like you’re doing fine. You’re happy, and you’ve got a battle to write tomorrow. Yay!

  2. I always added description in the revision, but now I have finished HTRYN, I can list three things relating to description and sense in the extra columns I have created for my scene planning page and hopefully, write them in each scene as I create it in my future novels.
    Hang in there, and keep writing. I can’t wait to read the three books you are working on. 🙂

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