Gartan’s Book – 7/18/10

Slept in.  Had a very lazy day today, didn’t work out this morning OR this evening (I usually work out twice a day.) 

I wrote 7 pages today.  I completed 2 scenes and did one page on another scene.  I’m feeling kinda headachey so I stopped.  I’m going to watch a movie and re-charge a little bit.

The scene I started but only did a page on is a scene that has appeared in almost every incarnation of this book since about the 2nd version of the story — I’m probably on my 10th version of it by now.  This scene has been at or near the beginning of every one or those versions.  I’m actually stretching the event over a series of scenes in this version instead of doing it all in once scene.  In one version of the story, there was an investigator who finally was able to extract this scene from the mind of one of the participants midway through the book as a magically induced flashback… which was kinda weak.   In this version of the story, this scene is actually marking the transition from Act I to Act II.  There’s no turning back after this scene.

What I’m trying to communicate here is that this is probably the seminal scene sequence of this book.  I’m almost too worried about getting everything perfect in this scene.

But a good thing is that I can actually see the setting this time.  It’s a variation of a square I stopped at in Rome with a little church on one side with a fountain and the narrow stone streets that led there.


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