Gartan’s Book – 7/15/10

Ouch, ouch, ouch. 

I was bragging about how writing long hand didn’t bother my hand.  I spoke too soon.  Tonight, I wrote 8 pages of 2 scenes.  My hand is killing me.  I get about 300 words per page so that’s about 2400 words.


I’m blitzed.


2 Responses to “Gartan’s Book – 7/15/10”

  1. I am feeling your pain. 🙂
    I refuse to write by hand for anything more than adding to my shopping list.

  2. How did we get through school? All those essays we wrote? ARGH! Now, I don’t even sign checks myself. My grandchildren’s handwriting is utterly illegible, but they all, even the second-grader, can type! Is this evolution? Nobody told us evolution hurts. Feel better soon.

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