Gartan’s Book — 7/13/10

Wrote another 5 pages and 3 scenes knocked out today.  I’ve finished all the scenes from the first “day” of the book.  My antag and protag have met and their battle lines have been drawn.  He has a book he’s not supposed to have and she wants to return it to the people it was stolen from.  My wife is having a “girl’s night” either this Thursday or Friday, so I should get several scenes knocked out then.  I’m really just aiming for a scene a day.

I’m starting to wonder how many actual words I’m writing down but I guess I won’t know (unless I actually physically count them) until I’m done and have typed everything in.  That’s probably a good thing.  That way I’m not stressing about not writing fat enough.

I know I’ve still got an issue with getting all the senses involved in my descriptions.


2 Responses to “Gartan’s Book — 7/13/10”

  1. Glad you are steadily working on the revision. I only got about 10 pages done in three days on the draft I am now revising, but each page counts towards completion. I also reread my completed novel one last time to remove any final errors and it is ready to upload to Smashwords, so I guess that counts towards wordcount for the week. 🙂

  2. thepencilneck Says:


    Every word is sacred, every word counts.

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